My Christmas Story

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This last year and half has been a whirlwind of emotions. May 2014, Mitchell and I got married and decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia in June 2014, to help plant a church that started out in a garage. We have since moved out of the garage and moved into a building right next to a high school. My husband is a youth pastor so, that worked out perfectly. I am currently working as a freelance Makeup Artist, my dream job. I lived in Seattle, WA my whole life, moving all around Washington about every two years, switching schools, making new friends, sometimes not able to make many friends at all. I didn't grow up in a christian home, in fact, it was the complete opposite. My mother is the strongest woman I know raising three children on her own. She taught me everything I know about the arts and painting. She is the most beautiful painter. We had very little money growing up. One year, we almost did not have a Christmas. It was our first year going to a church and as thirteen year old girl I did not know how I felt about God and if he was even real. That December, I remember eating a lot of rice and beans because thats all we had. I remember wearing my sisters hand me downs and being content with my new Ashton Kutcher poster. Christmas eve, the people from the new church we started going to showed up at our doorstep. They came in with a Christmas tree, ornaments, wrapped christmas presents,  and food. I mean lots of food! I stood there in the kitchen watching as at least twenty young women and men poured out their love into my home and onto my family. This moment changed my life. It was there that I saw Jesus moving in a body of people and meeting us where we were at. Jesus met me that night in the kitchen where I stood because a body of people decided to bless a family in need. That to me is my mission today. I want to meet people where they are at, love them, and bless them. 
Back to Atlanta, I can tell you this last year and half as been the hardest time in my life. I have been trying to conquer an unknown illness, pursue makeup artistry, be a wife and serve my church. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone too many times to count that I am no longer comfortable. But I can also tell you that Jesus has met me where I am. Sometimes, I do not even feel like myself because I am being stripped raw of my old identity. Atlanta has changed my life. I see the brokenness of this city but I also see Gods grace and love for Atlanta. I was given a gift to do makeup and I will use that gift for Gods plans, not my own. I do not know what this year holds for us here in the South, but what I do know, is at the end of the day wherever I end up, Jesus will always meet me where I am at.

Forest Fairy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yesterday I was feeling very inspired to do a spontaneous photoshoot with my friend, Alyssa. She already reminds me of a princess but I wanted to make her into something different, a modern day fairy. With Halloween quickly approaching, you can use this look without having to go costume shopping and save money by looking through your mothers vintage clothing. I am a firm believer that you can construct anything with what you have. So, look through some old boxes and create! 
Makeup details listed below...
Makeup Details
Concealer: NYX hd concealer
Powder: Morphe Brushes Contour Palette
Blush: Nars "Orgasm" 
Highlight: Benefit High beam, Nars "Albatross" MAC "Soft and Gentle"
Eyeshadow: NYX loose powder "pearl" and blush in crease.
Lashes: House Of Lashes "Feline"
Lipstick: Too Faced "Melted Peony"
Glitter: Craft pearlescent glitter 


City Cosmetics Minx Liquimat Longwear

Friday, October 10, 2014

"Minx Liquimat Longwear is a next-generation liquid lip color that transforms to a matte finish in a flash - for sexy, vivacious color that won’t quit. With just the click of a button, the wand illuminates the mirrored tube, giving your pout its own personal vanity… anywhere you go."

Alley Cat (spicy red-orange)
Bottle Service (rich burgundy)
Déjà Vu (electric lilac)
Check, Please! (coral pink)
Red Light District (fire engine red)
Call Girl (hot pink)
Tip: Matte long wearing lipsticks can tend to bring out any dryness on your lips so makeup sure to exfoliate your lips. You can use a spare tooth brush or buy a sugar scrub for your lips. Sephora sells Sugar Lip Polish which works great.

This is a product great for people who want a matte long wearing lip color. It reminds me of NYX soft matte lip creams because of the mousse texture. My personal favorites are "Red light service" and "Alley cat" as they seemed to be the most pigmented. 


Favorite Fall MAC Lipsticks

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October! Today, I will be sharing with you my favorite dark MAC Lipsticks. Fall is the perfect time to get away with wearing dark colors. So, I picked four of my beloved lipsticks to share with you so you can visit your local MAC and pick up a new fall lip color! 

Herione: Matte Purple
Rebel: Satin Magenta
Film Noir: Satin Cacao Brown
Cyber: Satin Deep Dark Purple

Top to bottom: Herione, Rebel, Film Noir, Cyber

Favorite of the week: "Cyber" I love how dramatic and intense this lipstick is. Now go treat yourself to a dark lipstick for October, you won't regret it!